Careforce International branding

Careforce's new branding came to life first on their website

Careforce’s new branding came to life first on their website

A new CEO to this 15 year old organization brought fresh vision and energy. He asked Kabisa to lead the Board and staff through a positioning exercise to refocus on a direction that had been emerging, but that had not been clearly articulated.

Careforce is an non-government organization based in Burlington, Ontario, working in communities in Central America, East and West Africa, and northern Canada. The bracket that now resides between care and force making their distinct word mark signifies that caring is the beginning of working together to help children around the world reach their potential through education and skills training. The organization uniquely provides the opportunity for committed donors to visit the communities they support.

The positioning, successfully completed, was then translated into visual design by Faduchi Group and key messaging by Kabisa. These elements together form the basis for Careforce’s commmunications to its potential and existing donors.