Kabisa adapted to the uniqueness of our organization, absorbed what we were seeking to achieve and how we wanted to go about achieving it—and they were so good at this that my staff came to think of them as an integral part of our organization rather than as external consultants. Kabisa acted as an intermediary between our own organization and the technical services we needed. They helped us think through our marketing approach and helped us identify and focus in on our market segment. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Philip Chester, CEO, Careforce

Ellen has been a wonderful asset to our organization. She helped us find our voice; taking the time to get to know our organization and giving us the words we needed to express who and what we are. She brought order and direction to our communications plan. With her help, we updated our look and brand, both in print and on the web. Ellen is a gifted and skilled communicator, facilitator and educator. We have learned much from her and are now looking toward bigger communications projects with enthusiasm, not fear.
Peggy Pickett, Communications Coordinator, MFC

Ellen has been a major force in the successful rebranding of our organization. She actively listened to get an understanding of our journey, how we saw ourselves and our vision for the future. Then Ellen laid out a plan, massaged it with our feedback, pulled together the necessary resources and guided us through the rebranding process. As a result, we are much more focused with a clearly defined identity that is ready to move onto a national stage.
Andrew McDougall, Executive Director, Bracelet of Hope Campaign

Ellen provided us with a hands-on, dynamic process to re-brand a major organizational initiative. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of brand identity as well as how to effectively engage our employees in a major change was crucial to our arrival at a successful, exciting new brand identity.
Christine Head, Communications Officer, World Vision International

What a pleasure to work with you. You brought excellent strategic assessment and good old discernment to the entire effort, to even help us figure out what we really needed! Your good questions and guidance along the way helped me to focus and think clearly about important issues. Can’t thank you enough—and can’t think of another soul who could have stepped in to do the work you did with me.
Kathy Currie, VP Children in Ministry, World Vision International

Ellen Kupp came highly recommended to Mennonite Foundation of Canada to direct our communications program. The depth of her knowledge of communications and marketing has helped us develop a fresh and creative website as well as new and innovative communications tools and vehicles. Her sensitive yet sensible insights have been most valuable, and have allowed us to expand our communications potential.
Erwin Warkentin, General Manager, MFC

Ellen Kupp is experienced, competent and creative … I have worked extensively and successfully with her. Ellen’s social IQ turns projects into enjoyable encounters. Her project design and management skills contributed to a unique global branding identity for one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations. Without a doubt—Ellen will keep her promises and move her clients toward their stated goals.
Don Posterski, formerly Director for Christian Commitments for World Vision International

Ellen’s ability to bring people together to build consensus is exceptional. She is a gifted listener and genuinely engages in the substance, flow and ideas at play within diverse leadership teams. Her deep commitment to serving others comes through in everything she does. It is a joy and privilege to work with her!
Ann Bradford, Founder and President, Lyric Inc.

Ellen has a unique gift: an unerring ability to find the sweet spot where what you do and how you say it come together in a convincing, compelling, even magical way.
John McCoy, VP for Communications, World Vision International