Horizon Name and Logo

World Vision International's new name and logo for its Programme Management Information System

World Vision International’s new name and logo for its Programme Management Information System

A new name was needed for a program management information system, previously called PMIS. Not only did the name have some negative connotations, it didn’t capture the breadth and vision of the system itself.

Kabisa designed a creative process to lead this multi-national group to find consensus on a new name. We began by crafting a positioning statement. This helped us all come to an understanding of the system’s target audience, its category of competition and the most compelling reason why people should use it.

With the positioning statement providing an overall focus, we took advantage of international gatherings to involve people in the process and to extract their own ideas for a new name. Many brains are better than a few! Kabisa designed engaging exercises that created a lively competition in the search for just the right new name.

Once we had a list of ten to choose from, Kabisa wrote up rationales for each and put them through a online survey system that rated each name according to key characteristics of a good name. This survey was completed by a broad range of stakeholders in the organization and netted us the two finalists.

We then took the two final names and did an initial graphic treatment for both. We presented a package of information to the steering committee that included the history of the process and full rationales for each name option along with their corresponding designs.

They made their decision not just on the final outcome, but on the validity of the process as well. While there had been resistance to even changing the name at the outset, at the end of the process that resistance was gone and the new name accepted.

The logo you see here was refined and developed following the process on agreement around the name. A fine sight to behold.