Mennonite Foundation of Canada’s communications materials

MFC's eNews

MFC’s eNews

Introductory Video

Kabisa worked together with MetaMedia to produce this video introduction to the Foundation in both long and short formats. It reflects MFC’s essential messages as spoken f

rom the hearts of some of the Foundation’s clients.


With their new website up and running, Kabisa worked with MFC to conceive, design and implement an eNewsletter to communicate their essential message to their clients throughout the financial seasons of the year. We worked with Northern Village who crafted the eNews template and set us up on Vertical Response. VR is not only very easy to use and analyze, it offers free services to not-for-profit organizations. Bonus!

MFC's Annual Report

MFC’s Annual Report

Annual Report

Annual reports became a legislated component of corporate financial reporting after the stock market crash of 1929. Not-for-profit organizations also use the annual report format for financial reporting in order to establish credibility and trust. MFC’s annual report is one part informational and two parts inspirational.