Project Spotlight

World Vision: Citizen Voice and Action Database

Citizen Voice and Action is World Vision’s advocacy and social accountability approach designed to improve the relationship between communities and government in order to improve services. It involves processes for soliciting and capturing community voices. The CVA database was developed to record those voices using monitoring standards, score cards and action plans. This data can be aggregated at local, regional, national and global levels to make significant improvements to child well-being.

There are so many people across the global partnership who want to use the CVA database, but only one instructor. This course was developed to give him a break. We transcribed the content out of a series of Zoom presentations that he gave, crafted a script, did screen recordings of the different functions of the database, and developed interactions so learners could practice on a test site before going onto the live site. We also determined that there are six different database user roles and not all of them needed to go through the whole course. After the course was complete, we separated it out into four different learning journeys to make it easy for each learner to find the most efficient way through the course.

After it ran for a year, we went back in to do some revisions in response to learner feedback. Great practice!

Based in Canada  |  Eastern Time Zone