From making your meetings run smoother to designing processes that lead multi-stakeholders to strategic decisions, Kabisa has the tools and experience to help. A well facilitated meeting or decision-making process saves time, brings alignment and releases the imaginations, voices and energies of the all people involved.

Kabisa’s toolbox contains a range of participatory approaches, built on several critical assumptions, including:

  • Local, indigenous, neighbourhood knowledge has highest value.
  • Good processes and products need full ownership and include the right people.
  • Good processes create valuable learning practices and patterns for organizations.
  • Effective processes combine the best features of both open, democratic governance, and strong, pluralistic leadership.
  • Each key stakeholder has a perspective the organization needs, and holds a piece of the puzzle that amounts, in the end, to the group’s wisdom on engaging the future.
  • The role of consultants is to provide the access routes for the emerging vision and energies.
  • What happens to the group throughout the process of developing strategy, as stakeholders are welcomed, heard and respected, is as important as the plan itself.
  • With careful planning and effective facilitation, the process brings all the voices into the dialogue, painlessly and fruitfully. It cuts off the chaos and opens the door to creative possibility thinking.
Facilitation 3

Kabisa International is fully qualified to facilitate a range of multi-stakeholder processes, and will work with you to chose the best approaches to work with your key stakeholders and partners. We are happy to discuss:

  • Scenario Planning
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Technologies of Participation
  • Future Search
  • Open Space technology
  • Most Significant Change evaluation processes
  • World Café
  • Town Meetings
  • Dialogue Circles
  • Sustained Dialogue

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