Careforce International

Careforce International's website

Careforce International’s website

Once we developed and set the new branding in place, Kabisa set about working on the key communications vehicle for Careforce—its website. It needed a complete overhaul, from content to visuals to donation mechanism. Kabisa developed the strategy and content, and worked with Faduchi Group on the design and with Northern Village on the content management system for the site.

With the goal of establishing an ongoing conversation with donors and potential donors, we set up a site that clearly communicates who Careforce is and what it does where around the world. The site CMS is easy to use, so information changes frequently, reflecting the hard work going on behind the scenes. A blog by the CEO and an eNewsletter create spaces for conversation. Opportunities to donate on every page keep that option clearly at hand for any website reader. With Google Analytics embedded in the site, we can track and tweak for best performance.