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Humans are inherently curious beings. It’s what separates us from the cabbages. Kabisa designs learning experiences for the curious of heart, mind and spirit.

Our playful, intuitive and nimble learning experiences are built on a careful foundation of instructional design that takes different learning and thinking styles into consideration. We blend that with finely polished words and graphics, and then make them dance with the latest in technology so that they stick resolutely to long-term memory brain cells.

That’s what we aim for–we work to ensure that your learners will be so interested that they stop in their tracks and focus in on your material because they are compelled to see what happens next; how it works; what it will mean for them; the key to success; how to win the gold.

Kabisa combines extensive knowledge of the NGO sector, face-to-face training experience and the latest technologies to create custom eLearning solutions. Making training or on-boarding experiences engaging and fun brings the best results—for the learner, the organization and the cause close to your heart.

We understand the challenges of bringing about significant change in a globally connected world. Every aspect of a learning system needs to be relevant and respectful of the learner’s previous knowledge and culture. This includes crafting learning experiences using accessible language, learning styles, visuals, voice and technologies.

We have a team that includes a learning specialist, a designer, a writer and e-learning specialists. We also have expertise in youth and adult education, organizational development, change management, facilitation, content creation, branding, graphic design and the latest in elearning technologies. We have access to translators and professional voices from around the world.

We all have years of experience working at the heart of organizations seeking to bring about positive social or environmental change.