Learning Design

We design online, virtual, in-person and blended learning experiences that engage the mind and inspire the heart. Deeply rooted in adult learning principles, our work seeks to equip organizations with the tools and training needed to create change-makers.

The pandemic created a tectonic shift in the way we work and learn. Thrown online by default, many have come to see its advantages: a broader reach, cost savings, time savings, flexibility for the learner and more options for learning readily available. Our enforced isolation made us all more at ease with learning online – and the development of better technology for webinars, course hosting and content creation made it much more comfortable.

Kabisa leverages these cultural and technological changes and combines it with a learning design process that thoroughly explores the who, why, where, what, what for, how and so that of a learning project. This helps us design strategically and holistically with the end in mind. We work closely with your subject matter experts, bringing a fresh, learning-centered perspective to your content.

We help you design every aspect of a learning system so that it’s relevant and respectful of your learners’ previous knowledge and experience. Creating and launching a course or learning experience of any sort is just the beginning. Changes are always happening – to data, guidelines, and technology. Systematically soliciting user feedback throughout the design phase and once the course is launched provides essential information for the ongoing process of revising and refining your course over time.

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