Introducing World Vision staff to the potential and possibilities of children telling their own stories. (used with permission)

World Vision is embarking on a new direction with its communications between children and the sponsors who support the work in communities where they live. Taking advantage of the technology that already exists and is used by many children, the organization is encouraging children to tell their own stories of development—their own way.

I was able to visit a group of children in El Salvador recently who were fully engaged in communications in their community. With great enthusiasm, a number of them ran a weekly radio program—telling jokes, singing songs and talking about social issues in their community. Their confidence and passion for their message was infectious. Proud parents rimmed the room where they performed.

We worked with World Vision to put together a video for internal consumption that outlines this new direction and inspires the possibilities it has to offer. In order to drive home the point, we had the voice over done by a child journalist from Goa, India. She did a great job. The talented Matt Ternoway designed and animated the video to be playful and a bit child-like. Have a look and a listen.