We were pleased to work with the good folks at Wildlife Preservation Canada on their new website that went live just before Christmas. WPC works only with species that are on the brink of extinction. Their biologists work to provide what amounts to an intensive care unit for species at risk who need much more than habitat protection. Fascinating work.

As with many cost-conscious non-profits, WPC’s previous website was built by and relied on the kindness of talented volunteers. But it was cumbersome and difficult to update.

They received a generous grant from MEC to build this new site. We built it on WordPress so that it’s easy for them to use and to update. The design draws you in with the beautiful photos of the wildlife they work with, and then clear navigation takes you into the depth of the information they have to offer. At every stop, it’s easy to find where to make a donation to the cause. It links to a blog so that their biologists can send updates from the field — and you can feel like you’re right in the trenches with them. In the background, we built in analytics and SEO optimization so that WPC can watch their site’s performance and refine the site as it lives and grows.

Kabisa worked together with Mondodigitalis (web development) and MereName Design (graphics) to create this new virtual home for WPC.